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Uniqueness of our System

Imagine a sophisticated multifunctional electronic device, like PC for example. You bought it at a store, brought it home, unpacked, plugged it in and voila: it’s working, allowing you to perform a variety of tasks – from typing simple (or complex) texts, editing photos and videos to developing spreadsheets, and conducting complex calculations. Internet, Cloud technologies etc… to list all that you can do, just pugging in your computer – that is endless. What used to take hours, days and weeks of your time (and time is a nonrenewable resource) now takes only minutes.

The same thing we offer you in business. As simple as to buy a computer (at a very reasonable price) and plug it in. Yes, you can just select a set of functions required for your company, and forget about the troublesome and complicated procedures relating to registration of a legal entity, opening bank accounts, office rent, telephone and internet connection, accounting, tax and legal formalities and many other organizational mess.

Our system will allow you to focus on the essentials - the development and improvement of your products or services and their sales. No routine or monotony! Only creative work! All monotony you leave to us. Do not waste your time on dull and tedious business processes!

Our system will also allow you to save significant amounts of money, which is always so necessary and so insufficient in the beginning of business development. Save your money for more important things! Save it on office rent, if you need an office for a few hours or days in a month, save it on accountant, who you only need to file tax returns, save it on secretary, who will be wasting most of time in social networks... We have all of the above and many more, and we will gladly provide it to you in one of our service packages.

Thanks to a unique online management system developed and implemented by us for small and medium-sized business, you can entrust either of our services with single or periodical tasks and monitor their fulfillment and results from anywhere in just a matter of minutes. The user experience shows that our system helps you to save dozens of business hours per month, especially when starting your business.

So far, no one can offer you a system of business management that on the one hand combines achievements of the modern ARON Cloud technology, developed by our company and on the other hand can support you with capable experts and excellent facilities. Get connected to our system and you will soon appreciate tremendous advantages that put you above your competitors!


Manage your Company online from any Internet Access Point.

With the single Account you get:

  • Company business planning system;
  • Tasking system to engage our services;
  • Tasks fulfillment monitoring system;
  • Online telecommunication system to stay connected to contractors and administrative and technical support services;
  • Company-to-Customer relationship control system;
  • Electronic document flow system.


Your single company management account will ensure the following online functions and capabilities:

  • Company business planning by scheduling events and setting their date, time and place;
  • Tasking our services and monitoring fulfilment of the tasks;
  • Receiving and processing customers’ orders;
  • Advising customers and obtaining advices from our administrative support services;
  • Electronic document flow capabilities;
  • Maintaining your contractors’ databases;
  • Technical support capability, while working with PCs and office equipment, Internet means and presentations.
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