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A trimester for free

Our advantage is in simplicity and easiness of your interaction with an accountant. You will spend minimum time and efforts to manage your accounting.

Want to make sure we provide quality services? NESS offers you a trimester of accounting services for free. During this trial period we will provide your company the following services for free:

  • Management of accounting and tax records;
  • Management and storage of primary documentation of your company;
  • Preparation and submission of financial and tax reports;
  • Consulting on the issues of accounting and tax records;
  • Calculation of salaries and taxes. Reporting to statistical authorities, non-budgetary funds and tax authorities;
  • Maintenance of personal accounts, NDFL-type personal income tax cards, individual accrual cards, remuneration cards and contributions to non-budgetary funds.

Offer valid until April 30, 2014.



Offer valid
until December 1, 2014!

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