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The world is entering a new era. What shall it bring us? We don’t know it yet, but it’s already getting clear that the world will change drastically, and it will happen pretty soon!

Complexity and unpredictability of processes around us are constantly growing. Lack of time is becoming perhaps the most serious problem, defining future directions of development of our society. However, there is a reverse, truly immense side of new reality, persistently getting into all spheres of our life. It offers us the world of unlimited resources, providing excellent opportunities to those seeking self-development and implementation of new and interesting ideas.

Already today we are witnessing concentration of enormous resources with the new socio-economic communities, which, thanks to their technological and organizational capabilities will be able to handle the tasks faced by people today or tomorrow. It is these communities who will be able to work out the principles of cooperation and operational technologies to ensure effective management and high labor efficiency. These principles will be based on a higher level of mutual integration of all participants, which is only possible in an atmosphere of trust and openness. Therefore priority will be given to ethical standards and rules that will demand from us to further move in the direction of equality and mutual respect for interests of all community members. Social transparency, efficiency and creativity will become priority social trends.

World of the future depends largely on us. After all, it is us, the business persons who are always seeking success, assuming responsibility for the decisions made every day, and rely on trust and respect of business partners and colleagues. And we will certainly be able to give to the world new rules and new solutions necessary to move towards sustainable development and prosperity by combining our efforts, expertise and technology and by exploiting limitless creative potential.

Rouslan Yavon
NESS Director

In 2005 we made our first steps towards creating small and medium-sized business support system, based on outsourcing of administrative resources.

Over the years, we have accumulated considerable experience in working with small and medium-sized businesses rendering a wide range of office, administrative, accounting, logistics, legal and other services, and dozens of customers, who use them on a regular basis, have duly appreciated the main advantages of working with us, that is efficiency, professionalism, reliability.

In the course of work we had developed a new technology called ARON (Administrative Resources Outsourcing Network), which allowed our customers to create work units and entire enterprises online, as well as to control them, no matter where they were. In this regard, in 2013 it was decided to implement this technology under the name of NESS (New Economic Solution Systems).

We have been constantly improving the quality of our services and developing new products. In 2014 NESS is launching a unique package – an incomparable Enterprise Comprehensive Online Management System. We are confident that our current and future customers will duly appreciate the advantages of working with this system.

Our Mission is to develop and implement expense-minimizing and business efficiency maximizing technologies for you.

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